Let Me Ask You A Question...
Are you worried about your children’s ability to defend their faith as they grow and mature into adults? 

Or are you a believer looking for something to help you defend your faith and answer the tough questions people have about the Bible, science, and cultural issues?
I Have An Answer For You.
My name is Kevin Conover and I’m dedicated to educating and empowering Christian students to be confident in their ability to evangelize and defend their faith. We leverage over 20 years of experience in apologetics to engage and educate students where and how they want to be taught.
We are fighting against the next generation being lost to skepticism and agnosticism, and ultimately leaving the church. 
Nothing undermines sharing the Gospel like being unprepared. But conversely, nothing gives you more confidence than being ready.

To put it simply, we make learning apologetics simple, engaging, and memorable.

Educate For Life Online:
I designed an online course to educate students about the Bible and apologetics. It can compliment any school curriculum and is also as valuable and challenging as an academic course!

If you’re a fan of Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, or Creation.com, you will love this — we guarantee it.
  • The 100 course shows how creation theory is supported far more by science than Darwin's evolutionary theory.
  •  The 200 course explains the origins and beliefs of the major world religions and why they can't possibly be true. 
  •  The 300 course explains how we know the Bible is true and the reasons we have to believe it is the actual inspired Word of God.
  •  The 400 course shows why and how to apply what the Bible teaches to modern cultural issues.
Here's What You Can Expect
  • Save time and energy preparing the resources, content, and assignments you need for apologetics.
  • Have peace of mind that your children are learning from a credible and trustworthy source.
  • Access the content however and whenever you want.
  •  Trust that your children can build a strong faith through the curriculum.
What's In Each Course?
Each course has ten classes with a total of 15 hours of video content. Each class consists of an hour and a half video with follow-along notes, two supplemental articles with answer keys, and a thirty question automatically graded quiz. 

  • Widescreen, HD, engaging videos to complete at your own pace.
  • Purchase once for full lifetime access for the entire family.
  • Complete with worksheets, resources, and fill in the blank notes
  •  Access from multiple devices including your phone, tablet, computer, and smart TV.
Four Amazing Courses 
Full Of The Content You've Always Wanted
100 Course — Nature: Created or Evolved?
  • 101 — The Fossil Record vs. Evolution: If all life on earth evolved from a common ancestor through an excruciatingly slow process, why are there no “transitional fossils” to show for it? Why did the best examples of missing links turn out to be non-links or outright frauds? This lesson exposes evolution’s dire fossil problem.
  • 102 — Evidence for a Worldwide Flood: If the Bible is true, then Noah’s Flood is the most significant geologic catastrophe in all of history. This lesson will not only present the evidence that this massive flood occurred, but explain why it offers the best explanation for many of the earth’s features.
  • 103 — Dinosaurs: Evolved or Created: Everyone knows dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years right? So how can there be non-fossilized dinosaur remains (even blood cells!) and human records of dinosaur-like creatures? This lesson offers evidence for a very different history of the dinosaurs.
  •  104 — Age of the Earth: The scientific establishment says the earth has been around for 4.6 billion years. Does the evidence say the same thing? This lesson will show you a variety of factors that limit the maximum possible age of the earth, pointing towards a literal view of creation.
  •  105 — Genetic Mutations and Intelligent Design: Is DNA, the “instruction manual” for life, a product random changes accumulated over long ages? Or is there reason to believe it came from an intelligent source? This lesson examines a foolproof way to detect intelligent interference.
  •  106 — Irreducible Complexity and Thermodynamics: A mousetrap with a missing piece may work as a paperweight, but it sure won’t catch any mice. How could complex biological machinery, which is useless unless all the parts are present, evolve gradually? This lesson examines the flawed belief that things get better over time all on their own.
  •  107 — The Big Bang and the Anthropic Principle: What did Einstein refer to as the greatest mistake he ever made? This lesson will teach you all about the special qualities of our universe, galaxy, solar system, and planet that make it possible for intelligent life to exist. The combination of these factors far exceeds the bounds of mere coincidence!
  •  108 — The Greatest Hoax on Science: By the time you reach this lesson, you’ll have seen the evidence that deals a deathblow to Darwinian macroevolution. But if it really isn’t true, then why do so many people believe it? Why are the same evolutionary concepts and illustrations reprinted in textbooks decades after being disproven? Find out why the scientific community continues to cling desperately to this philosophy.
  •  109 — Evolutionary Ethics: Even if evolution is wrong, what does it matter? Isn’t it just a theory about the distant past? This lesson will show you the tremendous negative impact that evolutionary ideas have on a culture, especially when they are taught to children.
  •  110 — Answering Atheism: It may surprise you to learn that some of the most well-known Christian apologists used to be atheists. What caused them to change their minds? This lesson will take a look at why some people so adamantly reject God, and what it might take to guide them to the truth.
200 Course — Religion: Who's Right?
  •  201 — Understanding Faith: Is there really a conflict between faith and reason? It depends on what you put your faith in! This lesson will clear up the confusion about what faith is, and make the distinction between good (rational) faith and bad (blind) faith.
  •  202 — Refuting Relativism: “A religion is true for you if you believe it is true. Calling other beliefs wrong is bigoted and closed-minded.” Sound familiar? This lesson will cover the basic rules of logic and show that relativism, while increasingly popular, does not stand up to scrutiny.
  •  203 — Hinduism and Buddhism: This lesson will give you a look at the diverse religious traditions of India that are identified under the blanket term “Hinduism.” You will also learn about how one Indian man, Siddhartha Gautama, rejected these traditions to develop a new path: Buddhism.
  •  204 — Reflecting on Buddhism: It’s easy to see that the world is full of suffering… but is eliminating all desires the best way to deal with it? This lesson will critically examine key Buddhist beliefs, such as karma, reincarnation, nirvana, and more.
  •  205 — A History of Judaism and Islam: Before Christianity, there was Judaism. After Christianity, there was Islam. How do these three Abrahamic traditions relate to each other? Is one just as good as the other? This lesson takes a look at the history of Judaism outside the Bible, as well as the founding of Islam.
  •  206 — Islam and the Bible: Muhammad claimed to be the next prophet in the line of Jesus, but do his teachings really reflect the character of the one true God? This lesson examines the origins and teachings of the Qur’an, as well as general Islamic beliefs.
  •  207 — A History of Mormonism: There are currently over 15 million Mormons worldwide, and it all started here in America less than 200 years ago. Who was Joseph Smith? Is there reason to believe that God chose him to start a new church of Latter-Day Saints?
  •  208 — Mormon Beliefs: Do they really wear magic underwear? Can you become a god someday if you work hard enough? This lesson will examine Mormonism’s controversial beliefs, and make it easy to tell whether it qualifies as true Christianity.
  •  209 — History of the Jehovah's Witnesses: Chances are they’ve come knocking at your door, ready to give you a copy of “Awake!”. How did this group originate, and why are they viewed as separate from the rest of the Christian church? This lesson looks over the relatively short (but fascinating) history of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  •  210 — Beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses: On the surface the Witnesses seem to be another denomination of Christianity, using the same terms to talk about the same concepts. But a closer look reveals some serious doctrinal problems—including the rejection of Jesus as God. This lesson will teach you how to respond to their claims.
300 Course — Bible: Myth or Fact?
  •  301 — Sola Scriptura: In the 16th century, Martin Luther (and other reformers) affirmed the doctrine of Sola Scriptura: Scripture is the sole infallible authority for faith and practice. Should the Bible really be placed above all other authorities? What happens when you don’t have a plumb line for life?
  •  302 — Canon and Authorship of the Bible: The Bible is a collection of many smaller books by a variety of authors. Who decided which books made it in? Is it possible that some books were unfairly excluded? This lesson will show you how our Bible was assembled over a span of around 1500 years.
  •  303 — Historical Accuracy of the Bible: Do the Bible’s narratives consist of historical facts, or just legends? This lesson will look at the overwhelming archaeological evidence that silences skeptics and supports biblical history.
  •  304 — Bible Translation: Has It Been Changed: No part of the Bible was originally written in English. Can we be certain the message we read today is the same one that was written down thousands of years ago? This lesson will demonstrate that the Bible is far and away the most reliable historical document in existence!
  •  305 — Scientific Accuracy of the Bible: Skeptics often criticize the Bible for being unscientific. This lesson will show that not only is the Bible consistent with reliable scientific data—in some cases it is even ahead of its time!
  •  306 — Slavery, Sexism, Weird Laws, and Genocide: Does the Bible condone slavery and teach that women are inferior to men? Why did God have Israel wipe out entire people groups? This lesson clarifies some of the most unusual and challenging Old Testament passages that Bible skeptics love to bring up. 
  •  307 — Suffering, Evil, and Hell: Does the Bible provide satisfactory answers to the hard questions? For example, where did evil come from, why there is so much suffering, and how could a loving God send people to hell? This lesson shows that if you look, you can find the answers.
  •  308 — Inerrancy vs. Contradictions: Can the Bible get its story straight, or is it full of contradictions? This lesson looks at alleged biblical discrepancies and examines the case for inerrancy— the idea that the Bible is 100% error-free.
  •  309 — Prophetic Accuracy of the Bible: One of the most incredible things about the Bible is its fulfilled prophecies—events that were accurately described long before they happened. This lesson focuses especially on the most important subject of prophecy: Jesus Christ, our Messiah! 
  •  310 — Evidence for the Resurrection: Ultimately, the entire religion of Christianity rests on one claim: Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. This is the most important Bible fact, yet it is often called a myth! This lesson shows the reliability of the resurrection.
400 Course — Culture: The Bible Applied
  •  401 — As a Country Thinks, So It Is: Why has America been able to survive under the same constitution for well over 200 years, longer than any other nation in history? What makes America so special? This lesson provides the answer.
  •  402 — Was America a Christian Nation: Was America truly a Christian nation at any point? Were the founding fathers devout Christians, or agnostic enlightenment philosophers? To find the answers, this lesson will take you back to our nation’s founding.
  •  403 — If It's Broke, Fix It: If America was founded on Christian principles, then how have we strayed so far from them? Why is it illegal for a public school teacher to lead a class in prayer? This lesson will examine several key turning points in US history that set our nation on the path leading away from God.
  •  404 — God and Gender: What is God’s plan for human sexuality? A growing number of Christian leaders and churches are faltering on the issue. Is the biblical perspective really in question, or are they just buckling under increasing social pressure? This lesson will teach you what the Bible actually says about homosexuality.
  •  405 — Born That Way: A key aspect of the homosexuality debate revolves around this question. Is sexuality determined by nature at birth? Does it develop gradually due to experience and environment? This lesson provides the answer to this question, and explains how it should impact our treatment of the issue. 
  •  406 — Culture, Marriage, and Children: “How does other people getting married hurt you?” If only it were that simple. The consequences of altering society’s most basic component, the family unit, cannot be overestimated. This lesson examines the issue of homosexuality as it relates to marriage and children.
  •  407 — Do You Know What You're Having: In the first few months after conception, what is that thing inside the womb? A blob of tissue? An underdeveloped, “potential” person? Or is it already a human being? This lesson cuts through euphemisms and red herrings to simplify the argument and get people right to the heart of the issue.
  •  408 — Avoiding Heartbreak in Dating: Everyone goes through a bad breakup at some point… Or do they? A wise, God-centered approach to relationships and dating can make it possible to bypass the heartbreak entirely. This lesson will give you the keys to doing just that.
  •  409 — To Find the Right Person, Be the Right Person: Who you marry is the second most important decision you will ever make (after the decision to follow Jesus). But sadly, divorce is becoming ever more common. This lesson will show you what it takes to form a godly marriage bond that will stand the test of time.
  •  410 — Rules Without Relationship Lead to Rebellion: It’s one thing to know the truth, it’s another to do it. What is the key to living a life of victory over sin and the burdens of life that so easily weigh us down. How can I live life to the full like Jesus describes in John 10:10?
See What Students Have Said About The Courses
"This lesson was very informative, I learned things about faith I never knew before, like the differences between blind faith and rational faith! The quality of the production was very good! Mr. Conover was very engaging and made the lesson interesting to listen to." — Sscalap2

"I really loved the videos and all of Kevin's examples regarding fallacious arguments, etc. They helped me to understand a variety of ways that people have false reasoning. This will help me to catch illogical arguments when I have discussions with people of conflicting viewpoints. I really like the fact that Kevin talks about seeking the truth no matter what the outcome is - we shouldn't hold on to beliefs if they are obviously not true." — Alison Labastida

"I was completely enamored by your teaching style! It was both informative and engaging. Kevin Conover has blessed me with this knowledge and I feel very informed about Carbon-14 dating now. I believe in a young Earth!!!!!!" — Jhom1

"The overall format and delivery of this course is terrific. Kevin Conover has a real passion for this material, and it shows. The information being covered in this course is especially important considering that theories are being taught as fact in most grade schools and universities." — George Parsons

"This course really helped me understand how it is possible dinosaurs really lived on this earth if it is only about 6,000 years old. Learning these things helped me grow in my faith." — Jmalgeri1
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